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New S7 2018 – Intelligent Driving in every level

April 26, 2017
JAC Motors Launches New Breed of Vehicles in the Country
April 26, 2017


Intelligent Driving in every level

S7 is equipped with multi-purpose fuel-efficient technology, such as, engine start and stop, Economic driving mode, 6-speed wet double-clutch, low-roller tire, drag coefficient as low as 0.3464 aerodynamics and others which help the 2.0TGDI vehicle fuel consumption reaches 8.5L / 100km.


S7 is equipped with the leading S7 2.0T platinum power combination. 6DCT is the international leading wet dual-clutch whose transmission efficiency is up to 94% with stable performance. It has a 2.0T GDI engine maximum power of 190HP/5000rp and a maximum torque of 280N.m/1800~4000rpm. In addition, 2.0T engine has 7% fuel efficiency compared to other car models with the same technical specifications.

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