The hexagonal JAC family front air-inlet grille of M4 forms a perfect harmony with the face. The chromeplated panels of the grille add some stylish elements to the car and the inlaid logo JAC looks rough and robust.

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The newly-added 2.0VVT+ Engine makes M 4 more powerful and energy-efficient than the 2.0VVT model, and various combinations of 2.0VVT, 1.9CTI and 2.0T suit to the needs of different drivers.


The headlamp echoes the grille, with the whole contour of the inverted inverted trapezoidal design, which set off the pioneering spirit of the car. The internal structure is simple and terse and the band-type LED daytime running lamps look highly technological. The L-shape design of the lamps is arranged along the contour of the headlamps, thus creating an imposing impression.


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