string theocracy 意味 33

JAC starts its overseas discovery journey in Beijing Auto Show
April 27, 2018

string theocracy 意味 33

"고 말하고 있다. '[40] Today, "khipu" is regarded as a powerful symbol of heritage, only 'unfurled' and handled by 'pairs of [contemporary] dignitaries,' as the system and its 'construction embed' modern 'cultural knowledge. The earliest known example comes from Hernando Pizarro, the brother of the Spanish military leader Francisco Pizarro, who recorded an encounter that he and his men had in 1533 as they traveled along the royal road from the highlands to the central coast. [55] Quipus have been found with adornments, such as animal shells, attached to the cords, and these non-textile materials may require additional preservation measures. The number 107 followed by the number 51 would be represented by 1s, X, 7L, 5s, E. Saez-Rodríguez, A. * Then maybe you'll see what I've endured now [53] The Anthropology/Archaeology department at the University of California at Santa Barbara also holds one quipu. The fibers can be abraded by rubbing against each other or, for those attached to sticks or rods, by their own weight if held in an upright position. '[40] Ceremonies in which they are 'curated, even though they can no longer be read,' is even further support for the case of societal honor and significance associated with the quipu. */, /** * Do we need a real reality? [citation needed]. [22] It was during this journey that they encountered several quipu keepers, later relating that these keepers "untied some of the knots which they had in the deposits section [of the khipu], and they [re-]tied them in another section [of the khipu]. The quipucamayocs also tracked the type of labor being performed, maintained a record of economic output, and ran a census that counted everyone from infants to "old blind men over 80". "[59], Ruth Shady, a Peruvian archeologist, has discovered a quipu or perhaps proto-quipu believed to be around 5,000 years old in the coastal city of Caral. [4][30][31], Quipucamayocs (Quechua khipu kamayuq, "khipu-authority"), the accountants of Tawantin Suyu, created and deciphered the quipu knots. A table of the largest collections is shown below. * CALL ME ,MOMMY For example, if 4s represents four simple knots, 3L represents a long knot with three turns, E represents a figure-eight knot and X represents a space: This reading can be confirmed by a fortunate fact: quipus regularly contain sums in a systematic way. [58] Rosa Choque Gonzales and Rosalia Choque Gonzales, conservators from southern Peru, worked to conserve the Rapaz patrimonial quipus in the Andean village of Rapaz, Peru. */, /** 이 저작물은 cc by-nc-sa 2.0 kr에 따라 이용할 수 있습니다. Objects that can be identified unambiguously as quipus first appear in the archaeological record in the first millennium AD[7] (though debated quipis are much earlier[8]). */, /** It was in quite good condition, with "brown cotton strings wound around thin sticks", along with "a series of offerings, including mysterious fiber balls of different sizes wrapped in 'nets' and pristine reed baskets. * FORGOTTEN ECOLOGY * But I'm not ready to stop [24] Historians Edward Hyams and George Ordish believe quipus were recording devices, similar to musical notation, in that the notes on the page present basic information, and the performer would then bring those details to life.[25]. The August 12, 2005, edition of the journal Science includes a report titled "Khipu Accounting in Ancient Peru" by anthropologist Gary Urton and mathematician Carrie J. Brezine. */, /** Such a relationship would be very improbable if the knots were incorrectly read. Miccinelli believes that the text was written by two Italian Jesuit missionaries, Joan Antonio Cumis and Giovanni Anello Oliva, around 1610–1638, and Blas Valera, a mestizo Jesuit sometime before 1618. However, in several villages, quipu continued to be important items for the local community, albeit for ritual rather than practical use.

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