TAC was part of the April 2018 JAC Annual Distributors Conference in Beijing

April 24, 2018
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April 4, 2018
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April 26, 2018

On April 23th, JAC International Distributors Annual Conference 2018 was opened the curtain in Dalian with the theme of 'Developing by innovation, brilliance by brand-building', welcoming more than 200 distributor representatives from over 100 countries to attend this conference.

Mr. An Jin, the board chairman of JAC & secretary of the party committee of JAC made the keynote speech; Mr. Xiang Xingchu, the general manager of JAC delivered the main speech and Mr. Se Cairong, the vice general manager of JAC & the general manger of JAC International gave the report. Ms. Jin Suhua,the deputy chief engineer of JAC,Mr. Zhang Peng,the vice- chief economist &vice-general manger of JAC and other leaders attended this conference.

Firstly, Mr. An Jin on behalf of JAC expressed the warmly welcome and sincere gratitude to JAC international cooperators and shared with them about global auto industry developing trendency and characteristic, new opportunities under the advocate of Chinese ‘one road, one belt’ and the establishment of JAC R&D manufacturing capacity.

Mr. An Jin pointed that in 2017, the world economy enjoyed a good tendency last year. The developed economies witnessed the up-going trend while the emerging and developing ones were steadily recovering their growth. An upturn was shown in the global trading and investment, the financial market was expected to improve and the price of bulk commodity embraced a turnaround as well as a serious risk. And the focus of auto industry moving eastward, it’s an opportunity as well as challenge for Chinese auto brands. In JAC, we’re holding this policy of brand up-going, high standards in technology and quality, to supply these countries with high-reliability, production efficiency and low cost commercial vehicles and energy-saving, environment-protecting passenger vehicles, in order to build up this large synergy system as well as our brand influence, reputation and satisfaction.

Mr. An Jin emphasized that as a key part in the company’s general strategy, the international business will amplify its resources division and ability construction, follow the rules and requirement of the industry to deeply brand JAC in global markets which is also the mission of international career. While we’re looking into the world at a high level to absorb and integrate the universal resources, we need to focus more on practice and reality steadily to step upon a higher stage.

Mr. Xiang Xingchu gave detailed introduction of JAC 2017 business performance and development trend and put forward the specific guiding proposal to 2018 international marketing and service work. He pointed that with the upgrading of consumption structure, stricter environmental protection regulations, and the in-depth development of electrification, intelligence, and sharing, the automotive industry has ushered in unprecedented challenges and changes. In 2018, JAC international business will adhere to customer value and technology leadership, and actively respond to the national initiative of “Belt and Road”, and make effect on star products building, product’s quality improvement, marketing mode innovation and localization operation, achieving the development of mutual benefits and win-win results.

In 2017, JAC has achieved a total export sales volume of near 66,000 units, with a 15% year-on-year growth and covered 7.3% of industry. And the export volume rank rose to 4th level. For light-commercial vehicles, the total export volume was 17,500 units, a 8% year-on-year increase, and JAC gained the top rank in the export of high-end light-commercial vehicles. For passenger vehicles, the total export volume was 46,000 units, a 16% year-on-year increase, and JAC gained the top rank in the export of SUV.

Mr.Se Cairong reviewed 2017 international marketing operation condition in the report and shared with the key marketing work of JAC in 2018. He expressed that this year will be a year with both prosperous business opportunities and huge challenges. Nevertheless, under the guidance of managing method of “customer-oriented operation; sales based on service; quality is priority”, JAC, together with partners, will implement marketing 4.0 in depth. By stressing on key works, extending market scale and focusing on mutual win-win, JAC international business to a new stage with new prosperity!

JAC also commended excellent distributors' team and person in 2017 international business, including 12 prizes and 38 teams. The new products recommend of 2018 means JAC has made good preparation in the future. There are business negotiation, test-driving and marketing forum and other activates during the conference.

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